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Mendocino Cannabis Resource Conference

April 8 – 9, 2017
Little Lake Grange
291 School Street
Willits, CA

For Compassionate Professionals Interested
in Building a Business and Growing a Community.

This two-day conference on California Cannabis Compliance will provide you with the
essential basic information you need to understand the compliance process
and learn how to successfully develop your cannabusiness.

An extraordinary range of experienced professionals will be presenting
– each a leader in their field with hands-on experience from permits to funding,
and everything in between.

LISTEN….to presenters, each an expert in a specific regulatory or business area
LEARN…about compliance and strategies to put your business on a solid foundation
MEET…community that seeks to foster a vital and successful cannabis industry that is values driven, not solely driven by value.

Join Us!

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Environmental Regulations
Mendocino County Regulations
Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA)
How to Measure your Cannabis Garden
to Determine your Garden’s Square Footage
Organizations Working on Medical Cannabis Legislation
Proposition 64 – Adult Use of Marijuana Act

Fundamentals of Building Your Cannabusiness
Cannabis Banking
Developing Your Cannabusiness for Marketing
What the Market Wants from the Licensed Cultivation Community
Alternative Business Structures
Additional Certifications for your Cannabusiness


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The MCR 2017 is a project of Karen Byars, founder of the Mendocino Cannabis Resource, LLC.

With over 30 years experience in grassroots organizing to this issue, Karen Byars brings together a line up of presenters that will be inspirational and informative. She is the founder of Mendocino Cannabis Resource LLC, an educational corporation based in California, whose purpose is to educate people interested in developing a business based on cannabis.